Took the cats to the vet today for checkups. Everything is A-OK with both of them!!

Top two pictures are us on the way to the vet. Third picture is how I have to cover Roxie on the examination table.. I have to hide her or she doesn’t feel safe.

And the last photo…oh the last photo… every time I take Peaches to the vet he slams his nose and mouth as hard as he can into the bars of the carrier and smashes his nose and grunts and snorts like crazy. I now have proof of what a gremlin he looks like when he does this!!!!!

Pepper’s cone of shame!

Pepper’s cone of shame!

I caught Mo mid-yawn this morning!!!

I caught Mo mid-yawn this morning!!!

I upgraded Peaches’ leather jacket with a custom studding and painting!! So punk now. Up the catz!

I wish that I had taken a before picture of this project! I got this ceramic kitty cat at the Savers thrift store and it was basically this weird, cream color. So I did two layers of hot pink spray paint (let dry completely between coats) and then a coat of a gold/silver glitter spray paint over it and VOILA. Now I have a glittery, hot pink cat and it looks brand new!!!

Took the kitties on a walk in the backyard as their Valentine’s Day present!!

Thrift Store Finds 2/13/12

I went on a Goodwill and Savers run today with my sister and I found some more embarassing cat stuff that I couldn’t pass up on. I also got a sweet black dress, purple shirt, green cardigan, and a jean jacket from the little girls section!

Here is the cat stuff I found!

Cat Collection… It’s a sickness!

Here is most of my collection of stupid cat knick knacks that I have found while perusing thrift stores and swapmeets (some were gifts as well).

These will soon eat me out of house and home, as I know I have a sickness and will never stop.