I wish that I had taken a before picture of this project! I got this ceramic kitty cat at the Savers thrift store and it was basically this weird, cream color. So I did two layers of hot pink spray paint (let dry completely between coats) and then a coat of a gold/silver glitter spray paint over it and VOILA. Now I have a glittery, hot pink cat and it looks brand new!!!

Thrift Store Finds 2/13/12

I went on a Goodwill and Savers run today with my sister and I found some more embarassing cat stuff that I couldn’t pass up on. I also got a sweet black dress, purple shirt, green cardigan, and a jean jacket from the little girls section!

Here is the cat stuff I found!

Cat Collection… It’s a sickness!

Here is most of my collection of stupid cat knick knacks that I have found while perusing thrift stores and swapmeets (some were gifts as well).

These will soon eat me out of house and home, as I know I have a sickness and will never stop.