Here are my and Mike’s cat photo-ops!!


Last installment of cat face closeups!


Here are some more of the faces I saw!!!!


I recently went to Pets Pride, a no-kill all cat animal shelter in Los Angeles, CA. I have been there several times, but this time I took extensive photographs of my fun time there with Mike.

Here are some of the colorful characters I came about meeting!!

This is a video spotlighting the amazing tattoo artist Adam Vu of Will Rise Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA. Adam did both of my tattoos on my arm and here I am featured in his tattoo promo video getting my Gentleman Peaches tattoo. Cinematography by Eddie Granado!

Ena and I at Amoeba Records in Hollywood

Ena and I at Amoeba Records in Hollywood

All three kitties at once!

All three kitties at once!

Big Wild Cat’s reactions to seeing their reflection in the mirror!!

The best song EVER.

Rasputin by Boney M.

Took the cats to the vet today for checkups. Everything is A-OK with both of them!!

Top two pictures are us on the way to the vet. Third picture is how I have to cover Roxie on the examination table.. I have to hide her or she doesn’t feel safe.

And the last photo…oh the last photo… every time I take Peaches to the vet he slams his nose and mouth as hard as he can into the bars of the carrier and smashes his nose and grunts and snorts like crazy. I now have proof of what a gremlin he looks like when he does this!!!!!