Tipsy at the Glo Opening Party

Tipsy at the Glo Opening Party


There was lots of amazing art inside the Louvre, but I have decided to showcase the… well… interesting pieces of art that I found in there. These are pure comedic GOLD. 



The Louvre will take up several seperate posts here. First, this is an entry dedicated to the internal architecture of the Louvre. Seriously, the ceilings and columns of this place are MIND BLOWING and literally blow all of the artwork on display at the museum out of the water.

We took a trip to the Rodin Museum, which is a museum dedicated to the sculptor Auguste Rodin, who you might know as the artist who created “The Thinker”. It was a small museum with a HUGE garden with many outdoor statues. Probably about a hundred bronze and stone and ceramic statues all together! Very beautiful!

This is Invalides. It is where Napoleon’s remains are buried as well as a weapons museum. We didn’t get a chance to go in, but the architecture was beautiful!

We also took a beautiful boat ride down the Seine River and saw all the sights, but one of the most amazing things, which is apparent all over Paris, is the beautiful architecture everywhere. These are a few pictures of some of the bridges our boat went under. COME ON.. they are just bridges and they are more beautiful than anything we have in the United States.

About a month has passed since I went to Paris, France with my family and I am FINALLY going to post pictures. Each big monument/landmark I went to will each get its own post because there are a lot of pictures and also, it takes a long time to size and post pictures!!!

Here are a few of my Eiffel Tower pictures. (Sorry you have to click them to see the full pictures)

Orange County Pet Expo 2012

Last weekend, Hannah, Mike, Fish, Jeff, Lindsey and I went to the Orange County Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California. It showcased many different dog breeds, cat breeds, reptiles, birds, farm animals, and even some exotic animals. 

We started out by going to the BEST petting zoo ever, which had goats, sheep, pigs, DEER, ducks, WALLABIES, llamas, chickens, etc.

Here are me and a llama having a serious encounter.

Hannah made friends with a cute little deer!

The wallabies were literally too cute for words!

This goat had a better smile than I did!

We literally could NOT DEAL with this llama. THE BOW!!!

Here are a few of the cute kitties we found in the cat tent!

These pugs weren’t licking! Their tongues were just out!!

This bird was SUCH a ham. He kept cocking his head back and he KNEW he looked awesome!

We also saw a TIGER!!!!!

And I leave you with Mike shaking hands with a wallaby!!!!

All in all a great day and we hope to go back next year!!!


This llama looks like he should be in the Ramones…..